Legacy Stormtrooper – Trim/Fitting Update

So, been busy working away on the new suit of armour.  Did some test fitting using some painter’s tape and I’m reasonably happy with how things are fitting:

The shins, held together with painter’s tape.

Here’s where the thigh plates are at:

Thigh pieces won’t need any foam inserts.

It’s obvious from the previous picture that I still need to do a bit of finishing of the edges, but I intend on completing that after the edges have been cemented together.

Speaking of cementing things together, the bracers are going to be very challenging to complete. The overlap doesn’t make much contact which will make fusing the seams difficult:

Right side gauntlet. The two halves just don’t want to meet up correctly.

Having said that, the whole arm assembly with shoulder bell looks spot on. Again, I haven’t finished the bottom or top edges in this (other than the shoulder bell) as I want them to be seamless when things are assembled.

Getting closer. I think I can actually see the finished product.

Last thing I worked on today was fitting the kidney plate with the ab plate. I can honestly say this part has me the most stressed out about this costume as it’s basically a corset. I am happy to say that I can actually get the kidney plate to overlap with the ab plate and it held together with painter’s tape!

It's starting to look like a Joker Squad Legacy trooper! So thrilled!
It’s starting to look like a Joker Squad Legacy trooper! So thrilled!

And a shot with the back plate held in place:

Back and Kidney
Kidney plate with back plate held in place. We’re looking pretty good now!

Tomorrow I’ll be using a lot of clamps and rare earth magnets to glue all this stuff together. I hope to get a few good hours of work done.