Absolution – Dress

So I’ve started working on the dress portion of the costume.  I started off with a basic pattern for a dress I thought would work for the overall look:


Base Dress
Basic medieval costume dress.


Doesn’t quite look like the end product, does it.  I have been thinking about how to get the embellishments on the dress and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll need to drape the fabric on to make the pattern.  So after watching a few youtube videos, I started pinning some ribbon on the dress to outline where the extra pieces will be placed:


Looks odd doesn't it?
Looks odd doesn’t it?


Well, that’s where the project currently sits.  Next step is to use scrap fabric I have and make a pattern for the final fabric.  I’ll be sewing the extras directly to the dress, instead of having extra pieces to put on.  In my head, it sounds like it’ll work!  More updates soon.