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Suit Assembled

So I sewed together all the parts and did a test fitting on the mannequin. I think it looks pretty damn good! All that’s left to be done is sew on the hooks for the leg and arm greeblies and sew the sleeves to the underlying tee shirt. I still need to add padding to the helmet. 95% ready for… Read more →

New Under Suit

So I’ve started cutting out the spandex for the new under suit.  I have a couple metal cube paper weights that were swag from work and I’ve found that they are absolutely useful when I’m cutting out the pieces.     I’ve also dyed the fabric;   The colour turned out quite well, a little darker in spots, but we’ll… Read more →

Zam – Under Suit

Well, it’s been a while since I have done an update. Zam is completed, more or less. The last piece to be completed was the helmet which was completed around 10pm the night before FanExpo. The under suit is something I really want to update. The colours are far too washed out and the fabric has no stretch to it.… Read more →

Helmet Progress

Continued working on the helmet this past weekend.  Since I have sorted out the brim issues, I moved on to the actual helmet itself.  I started off by looking to prime all the pieces that will eventually have to be painted:   I know there are blaster bits in there; I’ll post on that separately once I have more progress… Read more →

Creating the Vest

The last thing I did this past weekend was to get a jump start on creating the vest.  I had gone out a few months ago and purchased a basic pattern for a vest which I thought closely matched what the costume calls for.  The one I selected was Burda 7369 which includes both a long vest and a waist… Read more →