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Seburo Update

Since the Toronto Prop Party is this coming weekend, I thought I’d finish off the gun.  Nothing like working under pressure to get things done.   Here’s what I’ve done so far:   – Glued the trigger guard together.     – Primed the parts       – Glued the grip and stock together.   What I haven’t captured… Read more →

Seburo Update #2

Ok, finally got the resin Walther PPKS and had some time to spend in the shop.  Here’s the gun as it was when I first received it:     As you can see, there was quite a bit of flashing on the cast, and the handgrips were attached when the piece was cast.  When I tried to fit it in… Read more →

Seburo Update

Worked a bit on the Seburo CX today.  There are some air bubbles in the actual casting and some seams that needed to be taken care of.  The worst air bubbles are in the hand grip, right by the trigger, so I’ve had to fill them in and try to sand them down while keeping the lines intact.    … Read more →

New Project – Seburo Replica Kit

So, got a really nice Christmas present from my wonderful signifiant other, a Seburo gun kit.   Masamune Shirow uses these types of guns in his anime series Ghost in the Shell and Appleseed.  Here’s the beginning untouched kit that wraps around a Walther PPK/S gun:     The gun itself is illegal in Canada (The “S” stands for ‘short’ –… Read more →