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Chest Plate Upgrade

So after looking at many pictures, I have come to the conclusion that my Mass Effect chest plate just isn’t right.  The dimensions don’t fit me well and, well, it just looked small on me.  So I decided to make a second one.   Started off with re-building the chest mould.   Since the new styrofoam ball was larger,  I… Read more →

ME N7 Update

Ok, so NYE has come and gone and we did wear our suits just for fun.  We added a bit of the ‘weave’ to the armour:     This was done by using the anti-slip matting you’d find at any WalMart (comes in a roll, can be used to line shelves.  We used to use it on the sailboat to… Read more →


First off, I would like to apologize for the gap in posts.  After the first week of October had gone by I realized that due to time constraints (and other events) we’d be pressed for time to get these suits done – well wearable – for halloween.  So basically it was nose to the grinder every day getting the armour… Read more →